All of our courses attract CPD in Australia and New Zealand

The APS advises for 2013-14 that APS Members can accrue Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours by participating in CPD activities that they determine to be relevant to their individual professional skills, learning plans and goals. These may be self-initiated CPD activities. The APS ceased to endorse CPD as of 2012 due to the standard. The APHPRA sets the CPD requirements for Psychologists. Your certificate will show that the points are attributable to your CPD requirements( e.g. APS ) as part of your registration.

The Psychology Board of Australia Continuing professional development registration standard came into force on 1 July 2010.

The standard for Psychologists is attached here.


Other Professions ( General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Counsellors )


If you are from one of the other professions listed on AHPRA you may also be eligible for PD based on your profession. The standards for each profession are contained on the AHPRA website


Medicare Focussed Psych Strategy points and hours ( FPS ) - all courses are eligible


PS-related CPD activities are those that enhance the skills required to deliver FPS treatments allowable under the Better Access initiative, or the skills required to undertake a full assessment of clients to form a diagnosis and commence treatment planning.


Our courses fall under the FPS category listings as follows :


A range of evidence-based strategies has been approved for use by allied mental health professionals utilising the FPS Medicare items. As outlined in the MBS book, these are:


Psycho-education (including motivational interviewing) Cognitive-behavioural Therapy including:


  • • Behavioral interventions

  • • Behavior modification

  • • Exposure techniques

  • • Activity scheduling

  • • Cognitive interventions

  • • Cognitive therapy

  • • Relaxation Strategies

  • • Progressive muscle relaxation

  • • Controlled breathing skills training

  • • Problem solving skills and training

  • • Anger management

  • • Social skills training

  • • Communication training

  • • Stress management

  • • Parent management training, Interpersonal therapy (especially for depression)

  • • There is also flexibility to include narrative therapy for clients of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent.


Record keeping


Psychologists must keep a record of the required Medicare CPD activities and provide this if requested for audit purposes. Records of CPD activities must be retained for two years. The Department of Health and Ageing has advised that further information on the audit process will be provided to Medicare FPS providers prior to the commencement of audits.



We provide a CPD Certificate

At the conclusion of each workshop, for both live and e-workshops, we provide you with either a hard copy or email PDF certificate.


We think our certificates are some of the best looking in Australia.