About Lynn

Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, MCC is one of the leading business coaches in the US for small business owners. She specializes in working with change-agents: therapists, coaches, healers, and other service-oriented consultants who help others make change in their lives.

Through her workshops and writing, she has become a pioneer in the field of practice-building, helping non-business-oriented professionals develop their private practices. With Lynn’s guidance, thousands of professionals now operate small businesses that offer them a high degree of integrity as well as enhanced financial success.

Lynn has become a pioneer in the field of practice building, helping professionals develop businesses that allow them to maintain their integrity while giving then a high degree of personal choice and financial success. Her first book, Building your ideal private practice, is the best selling guide to practice building and has been reviewed as a text that should be the bible of any clinician.

Earlier in her career, Lynn worked as an executive in the family business. She left to get a Masters in Social Work in 1988 from the University of Maryland and became a psychotherapist in private practice. In 1996, Lynn combined her earlier interest in entrepreneurship with her love of psychotherapy and became a business coach for therapists and healing professionals.

She began teaching her Private Practice Success Program (TM) and in 2000, published her best-selling book: Building Your Ideal Private Practice (WW Norton.) Lynn formalized her coach training to help her work with professionals and is now a Master Certified Coach and a faculty member for CoachU, a large coach training organization.

She is the author of five books about practice-building for therapists, coaches, and consultants, all published by W.W. Norton. Her articles on practice-building appear in national magazines such as the Psychotherapy Networker and Social Work Today.

She presents workshops internationally and writes a monthly email newsletter that is read by over 8500 subscribers. (See her newest article for Psychotherapy Networker Magazine: The Coaching Edge.)

Lynn still maintains a psychotherapy private practice, specializing in working with the “worried well” — adults who are successful in some areas of life and need help in others. She combines psychotherapy with a coaching approach, to offer an honest, direct method of therapy. Many of her current clients are breast cancer survivors who are finding ways to make strategic choices, post treatment. See her counseling services at www.counselingsilverspring.com.

She is a breast cancer survivor who volunteers her time as the founder and codesigner of www.healingwithbasketball.com, an exercise clinic for breast cancer survivors, recently sponsored by George Washington University Cancer Institute, Office of Survivorship. To help run this program she became a certified personal trainer. She is also the current Vice-President of the NASW Metro Chapter.

Lynn lives with her husband, Tad, an architect, in Silver Spring, Maryland




What people have said

“Lynn does amazing private practice nuts and bolts work, including the nuts and bolts in your mind.”

Peter Hannah,

Seattle Washington


“As a mother of young children, I was keen to have a practice that operated only during school hours, and 6 months later, thanks to Lynn, I have just that.” AW, MEd, Australia


“I attended your workshop on when you were last in Australia. I loved your presentation style as well as the content of the two days, and was very motivated to make a success of my practice from that day on.


As a mother of young children, I was keen to have a practice that operated only during school hours, and I am very pleased to say that 6 months later I have just that! I only work when my kids are in school, only see my clients of choice, I am never stressed, and always have dinner on the table at night.  


I will forever remember and thank you for giving me the motivation and confidence I needed to go ahead with my ideal private practice.” 

Frances Wolff
Physiologist, Child and Family Therapist, Australia.