Workshop Delivery

This is a workshop delivered by audio and document download over a period of 8 weeks, of around 1 to 2 hours per week. You will get all of the links in week 1 to complete at your own pace.

• You will receive the EXCLUSIVE workshop presented by Lynn in Sydney Australia to Australian Psychologists and Practitioners over 2 days (13 CPD hours )

• You will get 8 audio sessions in MP3 format

• Written transcripts of the session to read along to or afterwards

• A set of workshop slides for reference and

• A series of reading material from the live workshop and

• A personalised certificate of completion ( PDF by email ) at the conclusion of the workshop

Workshop Outline

Building Your Ideal Private Practice provides a foundation for business and personal growth that will lead you to a new level of personal and financial enrichment.


• Are you looking to move into the area of private practice ?

• Are you already in private practice but finding it difficult to reconcile your desire to help others with being profitable and personally satisfying ?

• Are you looking to renew, enhance or re-invigorate your private practice ?

• Are you stuck in a rut with your practice or looking to diversify your client base ?


If you answered YES to either of these questions then this workshop is for you.

Presenting innovative business concepts in a format specifically adapted for the therapeutic profession, this book guides professionals at all stages of their careers. Lynn will help build a successful practice and also ensure that your business reflects your true values and talents.

This 8 week e-workshop is designed to show you how to build a practice that you can be proud of and easy to operate. Big picture concepts, practical learning, and inspirational discussion and all designed to enhance your ability to create, develop and sustain a business which complements your style and specific degree of expertise


Lynn will help you develop your entrepeneurial mindset, and then give you dozens of steps to generate a steady flow of referrals, avoid the pitfalls that cause good therapists to go broke, build a practice that can withstand competition and show you how to flourish in an ever changing marketplace.


The workshop isf fun, motivating, informative, experiential, and collegial, with time for you to develop lasting professional support.





Learning Objectives

• Learn tangible skills to enhance your strategies for working with your caseload

• Resolve practice-building challenges using an easy, understandable business model


• Identify and resolve limiting beliefs or fears about business to stop sabotaging your progress


• Articulate a basic message, the essence of who you are and what you do as a therapist that gets referrals each time you say " hello "


• Adopt methods of relational marketing and avoid promotional marketing


• Learn the essential facts about why good therapists often go broke and how to safe-guard your practice from these mistakes


• Become and empowered, vital, business owner with a vision of your future.

• Take-away tools that you can adapt to your clients and use straight away

• Case consultation and discussion