Workshop Delivery

This is a workshop delivered by audio and document download over a period of 8 weeks, of around 1 to 2 hours per week. You will get all of the links in week 1 to complete at your own pace.

• You will receive the EXCLUSIVE workshop presented by Dan in 2014 to over 700 Australian Psychologists and Practitioners over 2 days (13 CPD hours )

• You will get 8 audio sessions in MP3 format

• Written transcripts of the session to read along to or afterwards

• A set of workshop slides for reference and

• A series of reading material available at the live workshop and

• A personalised certificate of completion ( PDF by email ) at the conclusion of the workshop

Workshop Outline

As a result of new emotional experiences, clients often make substantial changes in their feelings, moods, and behaviors. Dr Dan Siegel is one of the world’s current and foremost minds and a most sought after engaging speaker and educator.

Developed though years of practice and research by Dan, this ground-breaking workshop is suited to every mental health professional, in particular psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors.

Mindsight and Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and are interdisciplinary fields, which seek to understand the mind. Their focus is on the way the brain develops and is shaped by interpersonal relationships. These techniques may be applied to the most common and the most complex of cases alike.

Both applications examine the opportunity for healing trauma by stimulating the brain with powerful and positive persuasion. Most of us have a mental “trap” that causes recurring conflict in our lives and relationships. Daniel J. Siegel, M.D shows us how to use these methods to escape these traps and create permanent change in your clients.


If you work with:

  • • adults

  • • adolescents

  • • children

  • • trauma

  • • relationships

  • • difficult to manage cases where other therapies may have failed

  • • compulsive behaviors ( OCD, Hoarding)

  • • addictions

  • • depression

  • • phobias

  • • anxiety

  • • PTSD

  • • the DSM

  • • Corporate Psychology

and wish to enhance your skills to better your practice, then this is a once in a career opportunity to learn from one of the world’s current and most foremost minds and engaging speakers. A workshop for those with at least 5 years practice.

These approaches have been successful where other therapies may have failed. Studies have shown that conditions that were once considered to be irreversible may actually be able to be transformed in a healthy way. The brain grows continuously throughout our lives, meaning that the opportunities for healing are unending.

How we focus our attention shapes the structure of the brain. Neuroscience has also definitively shown that we can grow these new connections throughout our lives, not just in childhood.

Watch Videos below

video video


Learning Objectives

• Learn tangible skills to enhance your strategies for working with your case load

• Improve your client outcomes

• Understand the healthy mind and the systems that underpin our psychological well-being.

• Define the domains of rigidity, chaos and non- integration

• Define and understand new approaches to achieving states of wellbeing.

• Discover how each symptom can be categorised and a treatment plan developed.

• Design interventions to help promote differentiation and linkages within the domains of integration and find where differentiation and linkage may be impaired

• Apply these views to how the mind develops across the lifespan.

• Take-away tools that you can adapt to your clients and use straight away

• Explore the power of the presence of the therapist to promote neural integration and review the principles of neuroplasticity and how to apply them to the implementation of therapeutic interventions.

• Re-examine the DSM 5 through an IPNB lens.

• Case consultation and discussion