Manual and System Contents ( 220 pages ) including a recording centre

(A) WHS Laws and Legislation Outline document ( 20 Pages )

(B) Private Practice and Individual Industrial Policy Manual :

1. Occupational Health And Safety Standards
2. Drug And Alcohol Policy
3. E-Mail Usage Policy
4. Environmental Policy
5. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
6. Fire And Emergency Evacuation Policy
7. First Aid Policy
8. Hazardous Substances Policy
9. Incident Reporting Policy
10. Internet Access Policy
11. Management Of Legislative Change
12. Manual Handling Policy
13. Mobile Phone Policy
14. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy
15. Privacy Policy - Company
16. Privacy Policy - Employee
17. Rehabilitation Policy
18. Risk Management Policy
19. Smoke Free Workplace Policy
20. Social Functions Policy
21. Step And Extension Ladder Policy
22. Stress And Fatigue Policy
23. Sun Protection Policy
24. Workplace Harassment And Conflict Management Policy
25. Employee Policy Agreement

(C) Procedures and Records Centre

1. Basic First Aid Procedures
2. Emergency Contact Details
3. Employee Medical Log
4. Employer Checklist
5. Establishing Fire and Evacuation
6. Fire and Evacuation Drill Register
7. Fire and Emergency Evacuation Policy
8. Fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance Log
9. Fire Safety Training Register
10. First Aid Medical Record
11. First Aid Policy
12. Incident Report Form
13. Incident Reporting Policy
14. Maintenance Log Information
15. WHS Meeting Minutes Form
16. WHS Meetings
17. Workplace Injury Incurred Procedure
18. Tools and Equipment Maintenance Log
19. Vehicle Inspection Checklist
20. Vehicle Maintenance Log

(D) Working from Home Checklist and Workstation Checklist

(E) Emergency procedures Manual

(F) Employee Management System - Basic ( if applicable to your practice )

1. Application Checklist
2. Confidentiality Agreement
3. Employee Equipment Register
4. Employee Application Form
5. Exit Questionnaire
6. Service Expectations Agreement
7. Welcome Letter
8. Work Appraisal Report



Learning Objectives

• Learn tangible skills to enhance your strategies for working within your practice WHS System

• Resolve practice-building challenges using an easy, understandable WHS System


• Learn the essential facts about why a good system is required and how to safe-guard your practice


• Become and empowered, vital, business owner with a vision of your future.

• Take-away tools that you can adapt to and use straight away


• Apply 8 hours towards your general hours / points requirements